Research & Results

Our mission is ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’ Our knowledge supports government, the trade and industry sector and civil society in facing their challenges. We achieve synergy by combining education with fundamental and applied research.

Focus WUR-research

The focus and direction of our research are mapped out in a 4-year Strategic Plan. For the period 2019-2022 WUR has identified five scientific research programmes and three investment programmes.

More on scientific research and investment programmes

Societal fields of interest / Research themes

Based on our mission, we offer knowledge and expertise in the fields of climate, biodiversity, food production, healthy and safe nutrition and circular economy. We aim to share this knowledge with society at large in an understandable way, online through stories, news, video and MOOCs, and offline by means of events such as tedtalks, dialogues and so on.

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